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Bigger Syslog Server 1.0.0 Download
Bigger Syslog Server is a powerful and magic syslog server. It is very easy to setup and install. Bigger Syslog Server can receives, logs, displays, alerts on syslog messages from routers, switches, firewalls, IPS and IDS, VPN devices, Windows servers, Linux and UNIX hosts. Bigger Syslog Server owns following functions:

A. provides "magic" filter/filter group functions .

filter consists of permit or deny IP segment, all include strings, any include strings and exclude strings. filter works more efficiently with time-range.

B. multi-display views.

Users can open as many as 256 views to display syslog messages.Each view could use a filter(or filter group) to display the exact messages you need . Users could create new sub-views ...

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